Ohio/NY 1970's snips

Cleveland, in my teeny tiny 1975 mind, had the most tapped-in bands and most cooly dooly teen age scene on the planet. When Peter Laughner from RFTT put together this show of shows in the pantie-burning environs of the Piccadilly Inn, it felt like we really were the New Liverpool, or whatever genius tag Rock Scene had slapped on Cleveland's previously satin-pants covered ass. Turns out this particular show is the one that Lux said he first saw me and Helen. Had we all had access to a Criswell's Futurescope, we could have saved some time.

This post is a mess of mostly 1975-1976 snips and snails that belong in previous pages of this unwieldy scrapbook. Take a gander now, if you've been following Kicksville 66, as it may fill in some details. If you're starting today, please go back to the first post. Don't take it out of context.

© Miriam Linna
What I did on my Bowery Vacation, 1975.
The New York City home for wayward boys and girls.

Above reprinted from New Musical Express circa 1975, when Charles Shaar Murray came to check out CBGB's and found a couple of Cleveland chicks raving about ... the Midwest!
Did I really say "OOOOH!" and "YUMMMMM!"? Most likely. Three words: sloe gin fizz


Cleveland! Cleveland! Cleveland! Toronto. NYC. Cleveland!

(Above) Dear Nikki! Cyrinda Fox is fat and forty! Beautiful college graduate Californians!
Avant Gard band! Frankenstein hasn't played yet!
Blah blah blah... what are YOU up to?

(Above) Psychotic reaction to Rocket From The Tombs. Davie from the Electric Eels checking in . Wish he'd have been home when James started making calls after Bradley got arrested.

(Above) Kristian Hoffman of the Mumps, one of my best friends then, and always. He unknowingly initiated the Maxfield Parrish Easter boy meets Mary Quant haircut.

(Above) Courtesy the Hound. Where's Bryan now that I need to RELAX....

(Above) My Detroit pen-pal Nikki Lorenz & me at Club Lorelei, NYC August 1979,
seeing who else but Jerry Lee Lewis. The audio is on line at
If you hear some really loud squealing, it's probably us Midwest molls.
Love you, Nikki Corvette!

(Below) October 3, 1975
Peter was an outstanding individual with more soul than all the boots in a shoe factory. We were the best of friends, never a cross word between us. To me, he was the heart of Rocket From The Tombs and Pere Ubu. Crocus was a flat out genius. Together, on stage and in the studio, that tag team was unbeatable. I wish to high heaven that they could have seen that. I have Pere Ubu's first three singles, after whcih I did not follow them. After Peter's passing, it became impossible for me to follow their career, let alone set foot in the city where he died, wildly underappreciated at the time, I may add. And to this day, people remember him badly. The guy was a clear thinker, a joyful cat who couldn't fake cool if you paid him. Some other time for the following song and letter. At the time, I thought I had a couple weeks left of being a teenager. When the odometer was finally supposed to flip, I discovered it was broken. I never got it fixed.

(Above) Just get me one. Any one.

to be continued.... thanks Bhob...


  1. Judging from Dave E's various '79/'80 era groups, he did go Tom Jones! He even covered "Society's Child" in the Cool Marriage Counselors! How prophetic!

  2. That's so wild. He is such a cool cat. I'll have another equally excellent note from him in the next blog.

  3. "The New York City home for wayward boys and girls."

    In your first post you mention the Warren St. loft you lived at for a short time, I remember the sign in the window read: "Cramps home for teenage dirt-- eat shit and die".

  4. The mind woggles. Is it okay if I blame one of my roommates for that one?

  5. Your posts are incredible. Please don't stop! Are you ever going to make a book of Kicks! reprints??

  6. Fab pick'uh you n Ms. Nikki! Bout the age when the hair growed and the beauty showed, from last I saw ya haven't changed much in 30+...

  7. Jeremy! Ha- you funny. As my better half once quoth: TURN UP THE LIGHTS! THESE CHICKS ARE OLD AS THE HILLS! X M

  8. Is it true you are secretly Canadian (as opposed to Secretly Canadian, American purveyors of occasionally nifty chamberpop)? I've been wanting to track down that restaurant you played in in Hamilton every time I go there (which is relatively often). From the town of the Nickel, are you?

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