Norton 397

So here we are in this new fangled world, but still, the beat goes on, as it has since boy first met girl and hearts ran hot and cold. One day, as the snow was piling high this winter, I got a phone call from legendary studio production wizard Sam Elwitt saying he wanted to cut a Gold Star Studio-inspired track with me giving a shot at the vocals with just exactly that heart storming kind of attitude in mind.
I said okay.

We cut one song. Then we cut another. And another. Over the winter, cut the two sides for a single, which grew into a collection of songs-- okay, a cavalcade of hits! (got to keep with the old school CASHBOX-style hype lingo!) -- that together, formed one heck of a moody album, tipping heavily into Jack Nietzcheland and Andrew Loog-Oldhamsville with trauma and drama injected, quite unintentionally, into every possible opportunity. It just seemed to go that way. I did all the warbling, and Sam played all the instruments except the strings (!) on three songs, which were injected by Gregor Kitzis and David Eggar. Of course, Sam produced the heck out of everything. At the end of the day, we had a full album, a real LP collection of like-minded, restless recordings. This album is a collection of personal favorites from the mid-sixties (primarily) featuring unheralded, broody monsters from bubbling-unders (and overs) -- we even recorded an original heart-buster which we hope you dig the most. Somewhere along the line, a gust of wind took off with my last name and I became a one-name person, like Cher. And Rasputin, for that matter. These are the bugged out kinds of sounds that we all dug and blasted in our zit-popping years-- angsty, attitude-riddled, raging three minute tempests of total torment and woe, which continue to invoke and evoke tenement passions in the housing projects of the mind. Our thanks go out to the faithful -- and maybe a little bit more, even, to the faithless. We hope this record hits you smack dab in the middle of your heart, and stays there for a little while.
luv and stuff,


It looks like Nobody's Baby is coming to your town soon! This everpresent adventure that we call reality is on a tilt-a-whirl! It took two to make a record but it takes some additional muscle and hustle to send it running into the night! Sam has assembled Nobody's Babies  to play three shows in Canada over Labor Day, which will be followed by our showcase New York City debut at Bowery Electric (with Cheetah Chrome and John Cooper Clarke!) on Friday Sept. 12. We have just been invited to open for the Muffs and the Upset at the Bell House in October. Rumor has it that the legendary Bruce Bennet may join the Babies on guitar at the Bell House, but don't quote me! So we're officially on the acid test. Come along for the ride, won't you?
Nobody's Babies are Sam Elwitt (guitar, vocals), Matt Fiveash (bass), Dave Lindsay (drums), Justine Davies (percussion a la mode!), and Alec Higgins (keyboards). I'm everso thrilled to have this fabulous gang roaring through the songs on the NOBODY'S BABY album, plus we've worked up a half dozen non-LP thrillers that we sure hope you dig.

 Pick up the 45, LP, CD or download here!


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  1. Wish we could get y'all up to WNY. Greets to you & Sam from sunny Rochester!